How It Works

How It Works

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    Explore the magical world of our well-curated web emporium collated from the best Art Houses/Artists and select art pieces that strike a chord with you. We have something for everyone and continue to add more works to our collection every day.

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    Subscribe to our 'smart rental plans' and watch as your living spaces come to life and speak to you and about you to the world. Breathe new life into your walls with exquisite art pieces on a monthly fee that costs probably lower than a movie at a multiplex over the weekend.

  • Savour

    Adorn your walls with art you love - all year round. Your chosen art could be a conversation starter, an inspiring story, a perplexing question or just randomness. KEEP the selected object d'art for as long you wish or EXCHANGE it for a fresh art piece. Or simply, BUY your most desired compositions and own them forever.



Artflute Experience invites you to step into the mesmerizing world of Art. Here you'll find a variety of exciting, exquisite and eclectic art pieces - from the best Art Houses/Artists, catering to every taste and occasion. You will be spoilt for choice, we dare say!

The Logic

The Logic

Demystify Art

'The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls'

- Pablo Picasso.

But is art available to us in our day-to-day lives? The answer would've been an emphatic 'no' for most of us. Our exposure to art is limited to perennial visits to art galleries or to chance encounters with it at a rich relative's home. It's been treated as something 'high-brow', not meant for common consumption. We are here to change the status quo, demystify art and make it more easily accessible for all. We believe the real place for art is on your walls, where you can enjoy it every day, find inspiration in it and celebrate life with it.

Champion Artists

Here's a small fact - there are far more artists in the world than there are art galleries. Artists who are not established or well known often fail to gain access to these galleries and their art becomes fated to be lost in oblivion or to reach but an infinitesimally small audience. Artflute's new logic makes you ambassadors for all these artists - for your living room or office foyer becomes their personal galleries.

Make Art Accessible

Art is expensive, often VERY expensive. Thus, most of us have to limit our experience with art to art gallery visits and online readings. Even those who invest in art struggle with commitment issues. Artflute Experience is here to make art affordable for everyone. Our 'new art logic' allows you to rent art, exchange for fresh pieces as often as you want and buy it in case you are head-over-heels in love with a particular piece.

Gift Art


Art has always made for an incredible gifting option but hitherto an expensive one. We now make it possible for you to give people you love the gift of art through Artflute Experience Gift Cards. Select the plan you wish to gift and your friend(s) can then login and select the art pieces that appeal to them. You never have to second-guess if your friend will love your selection. You are gifting them art and the liberty of choice - who can go wrong with that.

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Art for All Plan Rs. 3300.0 upto 3 Art prints/ year
Size : 18" on the longer side
Ready-to-hang framed art print on canvas with a high-quality finish
Art for All Plan Rs. 5500.0 upto 3 Art prints/ year
Size : 30" on the longer side
Ready-to-hang framed art print on canvas with a high-quality finish
Enjoy Art Plan Rs. 8200.0 upto 3 Art prints/ year
Size : 36" on the longer side
Ready-to-hang framed art print on canvas with a high-quality finish
Feel Grand Plan Rs. 12000.0 upto 3 Art prints/ year
Size : 42" on the longer side
Ready-to-hang framed art print on canvas with a high-quality finish